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Australian Army Cadet Soft Rank Insignia

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The Australian Army Cadets (AAC) is a youth organisation that is involved with progressive training of youths in military and adventurous activities. The programme has more than 19,000 Army Cadets between the ages of 12½ and 19 based in 237 units around Australia. The motto is "Courage, Initiative, Respect, Honesty.

The cadet programme has strong links to the Australian Army and is a part of the Australian Defence Force Cadets. However, its members are not members of the Australian Defence Force by virtue only of their membership of the Australian Army Cadets. While cadets are encouraged to consider enlisting in the military, it is not required that they do so.

Activities of the Army Cadets include navigation and orienteering, ceremonial drill, radio communication skills, basic bush skills, equipment maintenance, participation in cadet bands, and shooting the Australian Defence Force Service Rifle, the F88 Austeyr with one-on-one Army supervision.

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