How to Shorten your belt

Easy directions to get the perfect fit – It's a lot easier than it looks!
All You Need:
1. Scissors
2. The Cut Adjustable Classic Belt

STEP 1: Flip belt onto the back side and pull back the lever. (See photos a, b, and c)
STEP 2: Release the belt from the buckle by sliding it out. (See photos d and
STEP 3: Cut the belt to your preference. Wrap the belt around your waist before cutting to measure how much you should cut off. (See photos f and g)
STEP 4: Now insert the belt back into the buckle by sliding it in. Place the belt inside the lever first (see photo h), then grab the buckle piece and hook it on (see photo i).
STEP 5: Push the lever back into place and lock it in. (See photo j and k)
And you're done!