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Champion Shot Medal

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Champion Shot 

Ribbon is available per centimetre ( minimum 15cms )
100cm = 1 metre

The Champion Shots Medal was introduced in 1988 to encourage skill in small arms shooting in the Australian Defence Force. One medal is granted annually to each of the Services to be awarded to the respective winner of the Service competition.

The competition is held at the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meet, facilitated by the Combined Arms Training Centre. Following the completion of the competition, the Directorate of Honours and Awards is notified of the winner from each service.


The Champion Shots Medal is a circular antiqued brass medal, 38 mm in diameter, ensigned with the Crown of St Edward. The obverse depicts a vertical central panel with two crossed rifles superimposed on the stars of the Southern Cross. Around the edges are two wreaths of laurel leaves. The reverse is plain.


The Champion Shots Medal ribbon is 32 mm wide with a central dark blue band flanked by bands of red and light blue. These colours represent the colours of the Services.


The Champion Shots Medal is awarded with a clasp in the form of a date bar inscribed with the year the competition is won which is attached to the ribbon of the Medal.

Second and subsequent awards are recognised by a further date bar attached to the ribbon above the original date bar.

When the ribbon is worn alone, the award of an additional clasp is indicated by an emblem in the form of a disc of antiqued brass bearing a device of laurel wreaths.

Champion Shots Ribbon with Emblem