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Multinational Force and Observers Medal

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Multinational Force and Observers Medal

Ribbon is available per centimetre ( minimum 15cms )
100cm = 1 metre


Australian Defence Force members working under Operation MAZURKA assist the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) in the Sinai, Egypt.

The MFO awards system recognises service with the MFO, including special recognition of outstanding acts or performance, by military and civilian members of the MFO, prime Sinai Support Contractor employees and individuals or organisations from outside the MFO who make a particular contribution to the organisation. MFO awards are to be worn in accordance with national rules and regulations.

The MFO Medal is a meritorious service medal which is awarded to military and observer members of the MFO in recognition of honourable performance of duty with the MFO.


The medal is awarded for six months (minimum 170 days) of honourable duty with the MFO. Eligibility for the initial award will also be considered satisfied for those who:

  1. die during their service with the MFO; or
  2. are medically repatriated due to MFO service - incurred injuries or illness; or
  3. complete a contingent tour of less than six months, as agreed between the Director General and the respective Participating State.


The medal is bronze, round and bears the MFO emblem on the obverse, with the words ‘United in Service for Peace’ on the reverse.



The ribbon is 1 3/8 inches wide of MFO orange colour, with a 1/4 inch white stripe centred between two 1/16 inch vertical green stripes.


The medal can be awarded only once. Each additional six month (minimum 170 days) period of service is denoted with consecutive numerals.