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Naval General Service 1915-62

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Naval General Service 1915-62 

Ribbon is available per centimetre ( minimum 15cms )
100cm = 1 metre


The Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 was instituted in 1915 for service in minor Naval war-like operations. The medal is always issued with a clasp denoting the area of operations. Subsequent service is recognised by the award of further clasps to be worn on the original medal.


The medal is cupro-nickel with the obverse having the effigy of the reigning sovereign at time of issue.

The reverse bears an image of ‘Britannia' in a chariot pulled by two sea-horses.


The ribbon has a wide white central stripe, flanked by two red pin-stripes, further flanked by two white stripes, which in turn are flanked by two red outer stripes.


The following clasps have been issued for the medal:

  • Persian Gulf 1909-1914
  • Iraq 1919-1920
  • NW Persia 1919-1920
  • NW Persia 1920
  • Palestine 1936-1939
  • SE Asia 1945-46
  • Minesweeping 1945-51
  • Palestine 1945-48
  • Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945-53
  • Malaya
  • Yangtze 1949
  • Bomb and Mine Clearance, Mediterranean
  • Cyprus
  • Near East
  • Arabian Peninsula
  • Brunei


*Clasps / Bars for this medal must be ordered separately using the 'Clasps' product in each collection

Oak Leaf

Members mentioned in despatches for operations recognised by the Naval General Service Medal 1915-62 after 11 August 1920 were approved to wear a bronze oak leaf on the medal ribbon