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United Nations Entrea Ethiopia

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United Nations Entrea Ethiopia ( UNMEE )

 Ribbon is available per centimetre ( minimum 15cms )

100cm = 1 metre

The United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE) was established by the United Nations Security Council in July 2000[1] to monitor a ceasefire in the border war that began in 1998 between Ethiopia and Eritrea. First military troops Netherlands - Canadian battalion 'NECBAT' arrived and established bases in the region in December 2000.

The mission was formally abandoned in July 2008[2] after experiencing serious difficulties in sustaining its troops due to fuel stoppages[3] and after due consideration of remaining options.[4]


The medal is a circular medal of bronze alloy. The obverse depicts the ‘World-in-a Wreath’ emblem of the UN and the reverse has the inscription: ‘FOR SERVICE IN DEFENCE OF THE PRINCIPLES OF THE CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS’.