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United Nations Yemen

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United Nations Yemen (  UNYOM )

Ribbon is available per centimetre ( minimum 15cms )
100cm = 1 metre

The UN Yemen Observation Mission (UNYOM) was established in 1963.

North Yemen entered into a state of civil war in 1962. Yemen had joined Egypt in 1958, and then in 1962, separated again, sparking the conflict.

To ensure that this conflict did not escalate into an international incident, the UN set up the UN Yemen Observation Mission.

Around 1963, Saudi Arabia and Egypt joined in the civil war. The task of UNYOM was to monitor Saudi Arabia and Egypt in order to make sure they did not tilt the conflict one way or another and avoided causing a potentially harmful dispute through that part of the Middle East.


The medal is a circular medal of bronze alloy. The obverse depicts the ‘World-in-a Wreath’ emblem of the UN and the reverse has the inscription: ‘FOR SERVICE IN DEFENCE OF THE PRINCIPLES OF THE CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS’.